Welcome to Nerd Dads!

Where Dads Get Together To Commune in Nerd-dom!

Being a father is one of the best things in the world. It is a huge responsibility, but it is also a huge reward. We get to teach our children new things like riding bikes, building box forts, and playing sports. But more fun than that is enjoying our hobbies with our kids. Maybe not all at once, but over the course of their lives our children will know us by what we as fathers are mostly interested in. The Nerd Dad label stands for fathers who love the nerdier things in life, and want to enjoy with our families as well as other like minded fathers.

To help encourage and build this new Nerd Dad Community, we decided to make a place where Nerd Dads can not only find news and updates on video games, mobile games, and Movies; but also be able to connect with other fathers out there. If you are a father that wants to play Call of Duty, but doesn’t want to play with a bunch of pre-pubescent junior highers, than connect with us through our Xbox Club or Steam Community!

Come hang with us on the Nerd Dads Podcast or check out some of our blog for news, tips, and updates!